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".الجيات أحسن من الرايحات
What is coming is better than what is gone."

- Arabic Proverb (via cityofpink)

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i really hate people who think that “freedom of speech” means “i can be as rude and insulting as i want and you’re not allowed to get mad”


A heckler threw her shoe at Hillary Clinton during her talk in Vegas.


Sex Education in American Public Schools

Russell Howard’s Good News.

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Pictures of the thousands of people that protested against the shark cull this weekend in Australia 

Shark populations of most species are down roughly 80-90% worldwide? TIME TO CULL!

Seriously, what is the logic in kicking sharks when they’re down? And by kicking, I mean mass slaughter. And by down, I mean globally verging on extinction.

This is only one relatively small protest, too. The number of people who have protested the cull has long surpassed the tens of thousands, including hundreds of letters directly from lead marine biologists and other scientists directly to the shitbags responsible for the policy.

Their stance continues to be “nah brah we’re gonna keep killing sharks cause we think it makes australia sound safer to tourists”




why get a job when you can get hit by cars and sue the drivers 

And then you get injured and possibility die? I don’t think so.

get rich or die tryin dont you know the fuckin motto

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